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Do You Have Your Own Scanner?

If you have your own scanner, why bother making a trip to the Post Office? Scan your handwriting samples yourself and e-mail them. You'll save time, avoid unknown delays through the postal mail, and work on your font can get started sooner. Note: Do not fax your handwriting samples. Faxes are much too grainy to be of any use.

Here's How

First, write out on paper the suggested text. Then scan and e-mail as follows:

* Set your scanner to 600 dpi or higher.

* Make one scan per page. Crop it if your writing doesn't occupy the full page. Adjust the scan density so that it is dark enough that there are no breaks in the strokes, but not so dark that letters such as "e", "g", "d", etc are filled-in when they should not be.
(Examples: Good scan | Scan too light | Scan too dark)

* Save your graphic file in GIF format. No color or gray scale, just pure black & white. It may go by another term such as "2-color" or "bilevel" or "monocolor" or "line art". Normally you can choose GIF format from your scanner program by going to the "File" menu, clicking on "Save As...", then select GIF as the file type. Name the first file "1.GIF", 2nd file "2.GIF", etc.

* E-mail them to me at adw@execpc.com. E-mail them one at a time to keep down the size of each e-mail. When I get them I will acknowledge receiving them. If they bounce back to you with a message about a full mailbox, contact me either by short e-mail or by phone (see below) and I will tell you a spam-free e-mail address where you can send them to me.

* Save your hardcopies, since if your writing is unusual I may need you to mail them after all.

I can start working on your font, but I cannot release it until payment is finalized. The cost is US $99, for either Windows or Macintosh. Mail to me at the address below your check drawn on a bank in the USA, money order, traveler's checks, or cash.

Visa Mastercard
I also accept Visa & Mastercard through the PayPal on-line payment system. There is no extra cost to you to use PayPal, and for a limited time PayPal will give you a credit of $5 for signing up with them and fulfilling requirements. You don't need to order any of my products to claim your $5 credit. Click on the Visa / MC logos above. NOTE: The PayPal site will open in a separate browser window.

Further Information

For further information, contact me at the address, or phone number below, or
Mailbox send me e-mail now.

Alexander Walter
P.O. Box 741
Middletown, NJ.  07748

(800) 262-0827 (USA & Canada only) (609) 504-4804 (elsewhere) (708) 575-3865 (fax) adw@execpc.com http://www.WalterWare.com

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